Jobs in February for Week 4
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Jobs in February for Week 4

pruning roses

Jobs in February for Week 4


  • Ensure vegetable beds are 6 degrees warmer and drier than usual, by covering the ground with clear polythene.


  • Apply 2 oz’s of dried blood, to onion sets or seed to give them nitrogen to get going
  • Cut new canes of fruiting raspberries to 15 cm above the top wire
  • Cut autumn fruiting raspberry canes down to the ground
  • Force rhubarb with containers on top
  • Propagate fruit bushes
  • Buy aubergine seeds for a summer crop (Bonica or moneymaker). Sow in a heated greenhouse or propagator.


  • Sow annual climber, Cobaea Scandens
  • Prune climbing roses (before they shoot) and Wisteria.
  • Sow first year flowering perennials, Agastache and Achillea
  • Sow summer bedding (Impatients, petunias) in propagators
  • Propagate Chrysanths
  • Grow Nerines in pots
  • Prune roses
  • Take hardwood cuttings
  • Prune Clematis viticella and Clematis texensis to 25cm from the ground.


Now is the best time to buy summer flowering bulbs. Not to be planted yet, but get Lilies, Gladioli and Dahlias.

Dahlias; For a long display from midsummer until autumn (Bishop of Llandoff, Arabian night).

Plant large Gladioli for a good display.