Jobs in February for Week 3
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Jobs in February for Week 3

seeds trays

Jobs in February for Week 3


  • Erect wind protection netting around recent planted evergreens


  • Make a crop rotation plan for the veg patch
  • Force rhubarb crowns with a bin or forcing pot.


  • Protect small Camellias and Magnolia from frost with fleece
  • Cut back Clematis Viticella in late winter
  • Prune witch hazels (Hamamelis mollis). They are slow growing, so keep this to a minimum. Cut back dead branches. Don’t leave stumps. Cut back to live, healthy wood.
  • Divide Use a fork to life a clump.
  • Where Hostas are replanted, put down compost or manure. Also use a granular fertiliser.
  • Keep vigorous climbers like Campsis and Wisteria pruned now. Newly planted Wisteria; cut all shoots to 30cm from the base to stimulate shoot growth.
  • Feed weak climbers with Growmore.


Wash pots and trays for seed sowing later.

Dig out and warm areas for early sowing and secure plastic on soil.