Jobs in February for Week 2
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Jobs in February for Week 2

Weeding veg patch

Jobs in February for Week 2


  • Check the soil and edge of the lawn aren’t wet and squidgey. If so, leave work until the soil is drier.
  • If soil conditions are suitable, plant bare rooted hedging.


  • Can sow broad beans now
  • Lift forcing jars off rhubarb to check and replace.
  • Remove weeds from veg patch and cover bare patches with plastic sheets.


  • Cut off dead stems of herbaceous plants at ground level
  • Prune late flowering clematis, such as the ‘Viticella ‘ group. Lowest stems; cut stem just above and pull out cut stems.
  • Protect emerging shoots of Hostas, Delphiniums, Tulips, Iris, Hyacinths, Lilies, Lupins and Campanulas from slugs.
  • Stake Delphiniums and Phlox
  • Divide snowdrops after flowering, but before they die down.
  • Protect any new plant shoots with sand, eggshells and grit.


Feed borders by applying a general fertiliser, like manure or chicken manure.

Lightly fork bare soil and mulch with organic matter, or compost or manure.