Jobs in January for Week 1
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Jobs in January for Week 1


Jobs in January for Week 1


  • Buy/order potatoes now
  • Plant earlies/first earlies for small new potatoes in June/July
  • Second earlies for potatoes in July/August


  • Cut down seedheads of ornamental grasses
  • Keep tender plants growing well in a cool greenhouse. Less light this time of year.
  • Examine trees and shrubs for signs of the weak parasite, coral spot. This is most common in damp weather. Magnolias, Elaeagnus and Acers are susceptible.
  • Don’t use a rose; take it off and direct the can on top of the plant. Water plants only when they need it.


Forsythia; Gather some branches and arrange them in water

Clean pruning cuts; leaving no snags or stumps, so fungus can't enter through wounds.

Pick off dead, mouldy leaves.

Prune ornamental and fruiting vines.

Check stored tubers, eg Dahlias, fruit and veg.


Water houseplants sparingly throughout winter

Do not compost prunings. Dispose of only.

Prune off plant stems that have rotted.